This series is surrounded by my journey through motherhood, trauma  and my identity as a biracial woman. Paving the way for myself using my body as a means of self reflection, as well as the intersection of age and child birth and how that has altered and transformed through my physical form as well as how that has manifested through my mental and emotional state. This body of work transcends just the physical aspect and truly has more to do with the mental than anything else. The women on these canvas’s all tied together through family have shared similar stories by trauma, motherhood, illness’s and the battle of a variation of acceptance through body and mind. The use of material Oils ever flowing and in my opinion the most forgiving material. Using oils to accentuate the form, focuses in on the movement of the bodies and in the process acts as water. The water that runs over the form and mind and liberates, heals, but also brings forward truth. Words used to describe the process from the models in the paintings were Moraki, Challenging, liberating, confidence, peace, unburdening, and healing. Hiding behind aspects of ourselves, and liberating others.