Join me for a lively, replenishing workshop where we let go and let loose just the right amount of control.

In this workshop you will create along side 3 other creators. Whether you have no experience in creating or an ample amount this workshop is for you.

We will be tossing aside our brushes and diving fully in using only our hands to create Abstract Self Portraits.


The concept of this workshop is to not only build on techniques when it comes to abstract portrait work but to also release any expectations and also self reflect. In creating this workshop I really wanted the main focus to be just that. Taking 30 second intervals to look at ones face and then to work on the creation itself from just that 30 second glimpse of oneself.

All materials will be provided by myself the artist. Supplies include a 24” x 36” pre gessoed canvas that once the pieces are dry we will use the last 30 mins of our 4 hour slot to have a one on one scheduled time to stretch the canvas. Not only are you learning, experiencing and creating in a vibrant space, but you are also learning to stretch your work and getting a piece of fine art out of this process. If we have time and each artist agrees we will have a short 15 min critique session at the end of the day. Spending 2-3 mins on each creator.

There are NO REFUNDS on workshop purchases. If you need to reschedule please be sure to message myself 48 hours in advance of the workshop. I will do my best to fit you into another class.

First WORKSHOP is scheduled for September 28th from 2-5:30 PM. If you want to schedule a group for these workshops and September 28th doesn’t work or you wish to book at a later date please feel free to send an email.

The following workshop is October 12th from 12 to 330 PM.

The cost of the workshop is $300 and you can check out through the SHOP section.

For more questions feel free to message me.